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A story about a web designer, a web programmer, a project manager and their client

Once upon a time, there was a web designer, a web programmer, a project manager, and their client who decided to work together on a website project. They all had their own unique perspectives, and it made for quite the adventure.

The web designer was all about the visuals. They wanted the website to look amazing and be user-friendly. They spent hours poring over color schemes, fonts, and graphics. But the web programmer was more concerned with the code. They wanted the website to be functional and efficient. They spent hours writing lines of code and testing the website for bugs.

Meanwhile, the project manager was caught in the middle, trying to keep everyone on track and on budget. They kept reminding the team that they had a deadline to meet and that they needed to work together to get there.

But the client had their own ideas about what they wanted the website to look like. They kept changing their mind about the layout, the content, and the features. It was driving the team crazy!

One day, the web designer said to the web programmer, “I don’t understand why you can’t just make the website look like my designs. It’s not that hard!”

And the web programmer replied, “Well, I don’t understand why you can’t just use the colors and fonts I’ve already set up in the code. It’s not that hard!”

The project manager chimed in, “Guys, guys, let’s all just take a deep breath and remember why we’re here. We’re all working towards the same goal, and we need to work together to get there.”

The client added, “And can we please just stick to the original plan? I don’t want to change my mind again!”

Nevertheless, in the end, they all managed to come together and create a website that was both beautiful and functional. It took a lot of hard work, compromise, and teamwork, but they got there in the end.

And they all lived happily ever after……until the client decided to change their mind again.

Chris Thoo, Founder & Strategic Business Advisor for Digital Marketing

Chris Thoo is a seasoned web developer and e-commerce specialist with over 15 years of experience in building websites and online stores. Based in Malaysia, he has assisted numerous local small and medium-sized business owners in developing effective web strategies that drive online traffic and sales. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating user-friendly interfaces, Chris has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their web presence and maximize their online potential.