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Customer Relations Management System (CRM)

Prolific Scope’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) System is a versatile solution tailored to fit the needs of almost any company, freelancer, or any entity seeking to enhance their customer interactions. With its clean and modern design, our CRM not only amplifies your professionalism but also significantly improves your business performance.

The Power of Prolific Scope's Customer Relations Management (CRM) System

Our CRM revolutionizes the way you manage customers, making it effortless to streamline your customer relations. 

At the heart of our CRM is a powerful support system designed to elevate customer satisfaction. It enables you to track and resolve issues quickly through an integrated ticket system and customer reminders. You can assign reminders to yourself, your team members, and effortlessly send reminders via email and in-app notifications with just one click. These capabilities and more take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Here's how Prolific Scope's Customer Relations Management (CRM) System helps in several ways:

  • Project Management: Efficiently manage and invoice projects with a powerful feature.
  • Task Management: Seamlessly link tasks to various features to stay organized.
  • Quotations and Invoices: Create professional, visually appealing quotations and invoices.
  • Support System: Resolve issues swiftly with an integrated ticket system and auto-import capabilities.
  • Lead and Customer Proposals: Craft appealing proposals to boost sales.
  • Expense Management: Record company/project expenses and bill customers with ease.
  • Customer Insights: Get to know your customers better with robust CRM features.
  • Customer Surveys: Improve customer retention with built-in surveys.
  • Goals Tracking: Stay focused on sales goals with the Goals Tracking feature.
  • Announcements: Keep staff members and customers informed with announcements.
  • Contracts: Secure current and future sales with the Contracts feature.
  • Custom Fields: Store extra information for customers, leads, and more.
  • Payment Processing: Accept payments via Paypal and Stripe in various currencies.
  • Configurable Options: Customize the CRM to your company’s unique requirements.
  • Branding: Tailor the CRM to your company’s branding with powerful theme styling.
  • Staff Calendar: A visually appealing calendar for each staff member with role-based permissions.
  • Follow-ups, Reports, Notes, Files: Comprehensive features to keep track of customer interactions.

Key Features

Customer Management:

  1. Customer profiles with detailed information
  2. Contact management
  3. Customer notes and discussions
  4. Customer groups and tags
  5. Custom fields for customer data

Project Management

  1. Task management with deadlines and priorities
  2. Project milestones and task lists
  3. Project files and discussions
  4. Timer for tracking time spent on tasks
  5. Gantt chart for visual project planning
  6. Project templates for recurring tasks

Invoicing and Quotation

  1. Create and send invoices to customers
  2. Estimates and proposals
  3. Recurring invoices
  4. Payment gateways integration (e.g., PayPal, Stripe)
  5. Online payments
  6. Tax management

Expense Tracking

  1. Track expenses and assign them to projects
  2. Expense categories
  3. Mileage tracking
  4. Billable expenses

Leads and Opportunities

  1. Lead management
  2. Opportunity tracking
  3. Conversion of leads into customers
  4. Custom lead statuses

Support Ticket System

  1. Ticket creation and assignment
  2. Ticket priorities and statuses
  3. Ticket replies and discussions
  4. Auto-import emails as tickets
  5. Knowledge base for self-service support

Reports and Analytics

  1. Comprehensive reporting on various aspects of the CRM
  2. Custom report builder
  3. Visual graphs and charts
  4. Export reports to various formats

Calendar and Event Management

  1. Shared calendars
  2. Event creation and reminders
  3. Calendar synchronization
  4. Google Calendar integration


  1. SSL support for secure data transmission
  2. Regular security updates

Ready to elevate your business with Prolific Scope's Customer Relations Management (CRM) System?

Discover how our powerful CRM solution can streamline your customer management, project tracking, invoicing, and more. Take the next step towards efficient and effective business management.